Dedicated rooms and cages

Dedicated rooms and cages

Dedicated rooms and cages

We offer Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV rooms with low, medium or high power density ranging from 800 W/m² to 2300 W/m². Available room sizes are 216 m² (2325 ft²), 240m² (2583 ft²) or 324 m² (3467 ft²).

Private rooms and cages are custom fit according to the needs of our customers. You have full control of your facility and you’re the only one to have access.

Room features:

  • Raised floor: 1m / 3,28ft (Campus Bettembourg); 1,2m / 3,94ft ( Campus Bissen)
  • IT room height: 3,8m / 12,47ft
  • Floor load: 1500kg/m² (140 kg/ft²) to 2000kg/m² (185 kg/ft²)
  • Power and cooling installed according to individual customers needs
  • Fire and very early smoke detection (VESDA)
  • Neutral gas (nitrogen) fire suppression system
  • Water leakage detection
  • 24/7/365 access control system

If you’re looking to host your racks and servers at two different locations, you can choose rooms in both campus Bettembourg and campus Bissen. Both campuses are redundantly interconnected and hence you have full peace of mind


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