Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsability

In 2016, LuxConnect started the certification process for Corporate Social Responsibility granted by the National institute for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Already today, LuxConnect puts great emphasis on CSR, be it for procurement (preference for locally and regionally produced goods and Fair Trade goods,...), human resource (low levels of both staff turnover and sick leave), or operations (energy efficiency measures, sourcing from renewable resources, waste management,...).

Some examples of how LuxConnect supports local initiative :

* Eco Echange Entreprise
On its Bettembourg campus, LuxConnect planted a flower meadow of honey plants with late mowing providing a rich nectar for bees, bumblebees and butterflies and the pollen protein for nesting.

* Insect hotel
On March 24th, 2016 LuxConnect has inaugurated an insect hotel on its campus. The insect hotel is decorated by local school children.

* High school photography project
LuxConnect is partner with a high school to promote students in photography. Every year, LuxConnect organises an exhibition of the students’ works , which are then placed in the data centers.

* e-Bike station
LuxConnect volunteered to sponsor a public e-bike station close to its data centers, to grow the number of stations already available within the commune. The station will be installed in the course of 2016.

Contact :
Christine De Ridder
CSR Coordinator
+352 27 61 68 24


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